Kirby Jane is a Nashville-based guitarist from Charleston, South Carolina, specializing in solo jazz/americana performance and fingerstyle arranging. Her playing style stems from her roots as an ex-pat pianist and her guitar approach draws significantly on composing and arranging methods more commonly seen in the piano world, providing for a nuanced, expressive approach to the guitar. At 24 years of age, Kirby is a protégé of Grammy-winning guitarist John Knowles, CGP.  In 2015 Kirby placed second in the Contemporary division of the National Thumpicker's Hall of Fame guitar competition. She is also a contributor for for Premier Guitar Magazine, has interned in Archiving at the Country Music Hall of Fame, and has taught or performed alongside some of Nashville's top guitarists, including Thom Bresh, Joe Robinson, Brent Mason, John Knowles, and Tommy Emmanuel, C.G.P. Aside from teaching and playing Guitar, Kirby also does archiving work for Gretsch Guitars.

In April 2014 Kirby and her Yorkshire Terrier, Grabel, were featured on The Late Show with David Letterman for an episode of "Stupid Pet Tricks." Grabel says "Obama" when asked who the president is (the trick itself was just a weird, yet happy accident cultivated to make people laugh, but in no way intended for use as a political statement.)

Photo by Jim Harris



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"Don't Ask Me Why" by Billy Joel, Arr. Kirby Easler

Tommy Emmanuel's arrangement, more or less, of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," played at the National Thumbpicker's Hall of Fame weekend in Powderly, KY. http://www.ntphf.com/

Livestream footage from Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar series, hosted by Steve Krenz and filmed at Gruhn Guitars in Nashville, TN. (Photo courtesy of Chuck Lambert, 2015)